Practice Policies


Practice Policies



For Psychotherapy



All information disclosed on my intake form and in therapy sessions is confidential and may not be revealed to anyone without written permission, except when disclosure is required by law. Disclosure may be required in circumstances such as a reasonable suspicion of child or elder abuse or a reasonable suspicion that a patient presents a danger themself or others.

Case Consultation:

If I feel that a consultation with one of your other health care providers (e.g., prescribing psychiatrist) would be in your best interest, I will explain this to you and request your permission in writing before doing so.

Fees and Payment:

After the initial session, for which there is a set fee, I offer a sliding scale of fees for individual and couple therapy and ask you to pay the most you are able to within that range, taking into account whether or not you will receive any insurance reimbursement. For people who decide to work with me on an ongoing basis I also offer a discounted package of 5 sessions, prepaid and non-refundable. The 5 session package is to be used within 2 months. As fees are occasionally adjusted, please contact me to discuss my current fees.

Full payment is due at each session, unless other arrangements are made. Packages of sessions are prepaid at the first session. I accept payment in cash, by check, or by Venmo.

Health Insurance:

Like many qualified mental health professionals, I am not in-network with any insurance carriers. However, if you have out-of-network mental or behavioral health benefits in your insurance plan, you may be entitled to some reimbursement of my fee. Please check with your insurance carrier to determine this.

You will also want to ask:

  • Whether they require pre-authorization or pre-certification for psychotherapy.

  • What your out-of-network deductible is (amount you have to pay for all medical services, including mental health, before they begin to reimburse you) and how much has already been met. 

  • How much they will pay (and how much you will be responsible for) for each session.

  • Number of psychotherapy sessions they will cover each year.

The insurance carrier may want to know:

  • My NYS LCSW-R license #: R 024794

  • CPT codes I use for psychotherapy sessions, which include: 90791, 90834, 90837

I provide a monthly statement that is suitable for filing health insurance claims. This requires me to give a clinical diagnosis (using a DSM code), which I will explain to you. This statement is also suitable for flexible spending accounts through employment or for medical expenses for income taxes.


The initial session is always scheduled for one hour. After that, individual sessions are 45 minutes and sessions for couples are one hour. I am generous with my time, however, and often go over by a few minutes, as needed.

I have daytime and evening hours Tuesdays—Thursdays and will accommodate your scheduling needs as best I can. My schedule changes periodically so please contact me for current availability.

If you have a pre-crawling baby and want or need to bring them, you are welcome to do so (and to care for and nurse/feed them here as well). My only concern is that you feel comfortable having your baby with you and can get from your session what you are coming for.


I consider it an honor and privilege to work with you. I value your time and hope that you also value mine.

Therapy is most beneficial and effective when it is consistent. Appointment times are reserved and dedicated exclusively for each patient. Missed appointments or appointments cancelled less than 48 hours in advance prevent me from being able to offer this time to others.

If you need to reschedule or cancel an appointment, please notify me as soon as possible by email, at least 48 hours in advance or you will be responsible for your full session fee. I will always confirm that I have received your cancellation; if you don’t receive confirmation from me you must contact me again or notification of cancellation will not be considered received. If you are unable to get to me in person, you are always welcome to have your appointment via video call or phone, both of which are billed at your regular session rate.