Psychotherapy for Women, Couples, and Groups

specializing in the transitional issues of

pregnancy, postpartum, and parenting

formerly Choiceful Birth and Parenting ... serving the Brooklyn community since 1984



Classical Homeopathy (for current patients) 



Do you feel like something isn’t quite right in your life or your relationships? Maybe you know what’s wrong or maybe you just have an inner feeling that something isn’t right.

People usually come to therapy when they feel stuck and need a little help getting un-stuck. Feeling stuck might mean feeling sad or depressed or worried or anxious or overwhelmed or confused or angry or frustrated or exhausted … or all of these!

I know that contacting a therapist may make you feel like you’re taking a huge leap. Once you take that leap, however, I provide a safe and supportive space in which I listen to your story.

You’ll want to talk about what’s wrong but it’s also essential to acknowledge what’s right.

Together we’ll come to understand the thoughts and feelings that limit you from living fully, as well as those that excite and motivate you. We’ll look at the relationship between past experiences and present-day behaviors.

I will offer my observations and give you a gentle push when needed, while also encouraging you to honor your inner wisdom because, ultimately, you are the expert on you. I will also urge you to develop a healthy self-care routine. 

The goal is for you to experience greater self-awareness, confidence, and joy so you can make choices that enable you to move forward in health and balance.


Health is not just the absence of dis-ease, but the presence of ease and vitality.

Health is holistic – it includes the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual parts of ourselves. 


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